How KC Wirefree beats China in the Bluetooth module business

Experienced electronics designers and producers know that China is generally the best source for electronics assembly at the least cost and in most cases, with sufficiently high quality and reliability. In the severely competitive business of high volume electronics, costs measured pennies and nickels make a significant difference, and obtaining every cost saving possible is absolutely necessary in order to maintain competitive pricing and profitability for our own finished goods.

KC Wirefree is a market leader in low and medium volume Bluetooth modules. Our direct engineering design support, well documented and highly functional API’s, custom firmware programming capabilities, compliance pre-certifications, high reliability modules, and low costs provide outstanding value for small and medium volume projects for our clients.

The high volume module business is a segment that is very difficult for KC Wirefree to offer a competitive edge. We are unable to beat Chinese vendors on price or performance for general purpose Bluetooth modules. Our component and assembly costs are nearly identical, and the modules designed and produced in China are sufficiently similar in performance from top vendors. Even if we decided to reduce profit margins in order to provide a price advantage, we still suffer from our geographic location far away from both production and delivery of our module products.

Highly specialized, custom Bluetooth modules are the winning solution

While working on a specific, high volume project for one of our Fortune 500 clients, we were challenged to offer a replacement solution for a low cost Chinese module. While pouring over the details of our analysis, and agonizing over the competition, we had an epiphany! Once we realized that we did not have to impossibly duplicate the same all-purpose solution at a lower cost than the Chinese vendor, our minds were free to run outside the box.

So, with our intensive design review and decades of dedicated Bluetooth design experience spanning hundreds of projects, dozens of chipsets, and all the versions of Bluetooth ever released, we realized that, in fact, we do have a very strong competitive advantage, and a source of great value for our customers with optimized Bluetooth designs.

For volumes of 100K or more devices, we have up to a dozen different optimization options available for specialized implementations, where each design option can save between $0.03 to $0.09. For projects able to utilize several optimizations, this can save up to $0.40 of cost per unit. Certainly with volumes in the 100K – 1M range, these cost savings add up to real money which is realized as pure profits on the income statement.

No cost for complete, optimized, custom Bluetooth designs

We can offer complete design, schematics, component selections, layout design, gerber files, prototypes, performance testing, and compliance certifications. For qualified projects, our fee can be a small share of the cost savings generated by the KC Wirefree design.